While here in Barcelona I will be taking a few moments here and there to share my trip. I'll be honest, these moments will probably be before or after a long nap or during a short burst of rain; therefore infrequent.

One of the things I've loved most about this trip is the space that we are staying in. It's located near the heart of the city, just blocks from La Rambla and La Boqueria AND nicely situated near a police station (my mother would be happy about that). Our temporary home has been converted from an old factory from a far gone era of Spanish industrialization. Though probably built in the 1950s, it is reminiscent of the factory lofts cropping up all over metro Atlanta.

The owner has decidedly good tastes with antique touches; books, records etc.; strewn about in the most orderly of manners. We were welcomed to a beautiful bottle of red wine and admittedly, we enjoyed it with our breakfast.

This AirBNB is definitely a gem and I will be willing to share its host's details once I return. Keep up with my trip on Instagram @FedorasAndFrames!




Today in the U.S. is marked as "Equal Pay Day". This day can change each year because it is determined based on the number of days a woman would have to work into the year (from the previous year) to catch up to the male counterpart's salary.

That means a woman would have to work from January 1, 2017 until April 10, 2018 to receive an equal salary to her male counterpart. Four. Entire. Months.

Everyone has heard the numbers on how much a woman makes in comparison to her male counterparts ($.77 to a man's $1.00). But break down the analytics even further and you will find that a woman of color has to work even harder and their salaries are even lower. Yep. Lower.

Equal Pay.jpg

I'm not going to dive into it here, but look around your office and see how many women of color are there. Now think about the company you work for and how much money they are SAVING because there is a likelihood those women aren't being paid fairly. Insane.

I want to highlight a few of the women I have recently captured - all of them holding court in their own arena. There's a really good chance these women could be earning more. Clickthrough to connect and learn more about these phenomenal women of color. They are smart, well educated and definitely experienced in their career fields, but one can only assume they are earning what is fair. 


Dayna B.

Malique P.

Kelly B.


Do you think you have been impacted by unequal pay in the work space? Comment below with your stories and experiences. I'd like to hear from you!


The thing about planting something is that when well taken care of, it will grow. Your yield will depend on what you put in. Literally, reaping what you sow. 

Monday, the 12th was "National Plant a Flower Day". I didn't plant one, but I did take care of myself. I came home after spending some quality time with family friends of mine, and sat down. I didn't take any calls. I didn't respond to any emails. I simply sat down. It was so friggin nice!

Literally finding a bit of time to focus on yourself is golden. It's so simple it should be ritual. It's not though. Not for me anyhow. Having an entire day dedicated to planting anything was enough for me to say "hold up, this is ridiculous! Lemme take a beat." That beat was me sitting down and doing the whole deep breaths thing...it works y'all.

This post isn't much more than me reminding you to take a beat. You are a seed that needs nourishing - CONTINUOUSLY. Nourish ok? Do that.


March 8th is International Women's Day. Globally recognized to highlight the importance of women and their impact on the world. 

Articles will be published. Brands will shout out their women employees and leaders. The quote "Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." will be everyone's caption. All of this while millions of women oblivious to the day's significance, will go about their day as it is truly just another day. 

In your social circle the women may be winning. Hell, in your social circle the women may be THE top tier! That's great and all...but take a beat and look around you. Truly look around you. Some of the most important, yet lowest paid careers are heralded by women. In many places women are still seen as objects and catcalled or worse, abused. Women aren't yet winning.

Take a look at a breakdown by the numbers and think for another second, "How can make this the year of the woman?"




The number of women as heads of government and elected heads of state as of 2017. It's up from eight in 2005, though down slightly from a peak of 19 in 2015. Women hold the highest office in Bangladesh, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Liberia, Lithuania, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Namibia, Nepal, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the first female presidential nominee for a major U.S. political party.


The number of women who die each day of complications from pregnancy, according to the World Health Organization. The maternal death rate dropped by 44% between 1990 and 2015 worldwide. In the U.S., about 700 women still die each year as a result of pregnancy or delivery difficulties, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The death rate is highest among African American women, even when their economic status is taken into account.


The number of women in the U.S. Congress. There are 84 serving in the 435-member House of Representatives and 22 in the 100-member Senate, according to the Center for American Women and Politics.

In 2017, Danica Roem became the first transgender woman in a U.S. state legislature when she was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Vi Lyles became the first African American woman to serve as mayor of Charlotte, N.C., when she won election in November.


The average pay in dollars for women worldwide in 2017, according to the World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit foundation. The average man made $21,000.

In the U.S., women make 80 cents for every dollar that men earn, according to the Institute for Women's Policy Research. 

Much of that gap can be explained by the type of work women do. They are more likely than men to hold part-time jobs because of domestic commitments such as caring for children. And "only 22% of individuals holding senior managerial positions are women," the foundation reported.

The U.S. placed 26th in the foundation's rankings of countries for economic gender equality — a drop from third place in 2006.


The percentage of women worldwide who have "experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime," according to the World Health Organization.

The WHO classifies violence against women as "a major public health problem and a violation of women's human rights." Male intimate partners are responsible for up to 38% of killings of women.

According to a February 2018 survey by Stop Street Harassment, a nonprofit organization, 81% of U.S. women reported experiencing sexual harassment or assault and 51% of women reported being touched or groped without consent. Meanwhile, 27% of women are survivors of sexual assault, according to the survey.


The percentage of U.S. bachelor degrees that were awarded to women in 2016, the most recent year for which data are available from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Women received a total of 1,098,939 degrees, while men received 821,779. Women are also more likely than men to receive master's degrees and doctorates.


Livingston, Michael. 2018 March 8. International Women's Day by the numbers. www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-womens-day-20180308-story.html

National Read Across America Day

I was a ferocious reader as a school-aged kid. Devouring young adult book series like nothing before discovering and devouring sci-fi novels (Congo by Michael Crichton was the fuel to my fire). Fast forward to #ThisAdultLife and I barely read my mail. 

It's easy to create excuses about "Oh I barely have time for x, y, or z" and when it came to reading, I was down to averaging about 4 books per YEAR. Y'all. That used to be per WEEK depending on book length. Here I was getting halfway through books I'd started in Winter by late Spring. It was embarrassing. A few years ago I stumbled across Audible and thought "This will save me!".

It didn't.

Well, not until this year. 2018. I have already read 3 books and I want to average at LEAST 4 per month. With Audible and this new full-time gig of mine, it's been HEAVEN. I figured today being National Read Across America Day (it's not new, it's been around since 98) AND Women's History Month that I should share some of my fav women authors and a few of the books I'll be reading for the month of March.


The Last Black Unicorn - Tiffany Haddish

If you saw "Girls Trip" or any press done to promote the movie featuring Tiffany Haddish, then you KNOW this woman is a character! I hadn't laughed that hard in a movie theater in God knows how long and it honestly felt good. When she dropped her autobiography, I just knew this would be a must read for me. As much as I love dark dramas and sci-fi thinkers, I enjoy a good side splitting laugh. I'm SURE this will deliver for me.


"I'm Judging You: The do-better manual" - Luvvie Ajayi

Ok, ok, so this isn't a "new" book, but I can stand tall and say that this is a GOOD book. Again, full of laughs and matter-of-fact truths that make you sit and think - man...I most definitely CAN DO BETTER. Comedian, writer, and tech junkie, Luvvie Ajayi (fellow Naija/Yoruba babe) is a riot! She is controversial without meaning to be and provoking when she has to be. She lives in the uncomfortable spaces that we tend to dance around. Before picking this up, definitely check out her new podcast "Rants and Randomness" or watch her TED Talk for insight into her personality. You'll pick up the book and even it pass it along.  

"Freshwater" - Akwaeke Emezi

Yes. This is yet another Nigerian writer. The quiet creative that comes from Akwaeke's persona makes you immediately curious. You want to know more about her, but you don't want her to know that you want to know. Get it? I am curious to check our her debut novel, a work of fiction centered around the troubling life of a young child. Again...I'm curious. 

So that's what on my list for the month of March (so far!) Do you have any suggestions? What authors or stories should I be checking out? Please share what you are reading with me. Who knows, I may start a book a month reading club...hmmm?


Long story longer...

So here it is, the beginning of the end of my trip and I'm already bittersweet about it all. What's that joke about making plans and God laughs? Oh yea, God is laughing alright, cackling even. 

Landed in NYC and praying every second on the ground because of my Super Shuttle experience (I lived, that's what important), I was beat. Half a day of travel, ok really a couple of hours, takes it toll on you after a certain age and no sleep. My traveling buddies had already gotten acclimated - meaning they ate and were comfy on the sofa when I arrived and I wasn't sure where to start. 

The intended show for Friday night wasn't one to set the tone for the weekend. Although I'm FULLY in agreement that the "#MeToo" movement is overdue, attending a show focused on a topic so heavy would surely make me pause for thought and reexamine my entire motive for being here. Basically, I would be asking myself about the relevancy of fashion, how models are hyper-sexualized and so forth etc. The topic alone wasn't motivation to skip on seeing a show as our 4th party was delayed on a flight. 

We decide to go skip the show and head to dinner instead and it was an AWESOME idea! FOOD is always a winner! I'd planned every restaurant experience that I wanted to enjoy on this trip, and needless to say, my research did not let me down. Our first stop was a "light" bite at Harlem's very popular Babbalucci's. After a break (food breaks are necessary when traveling), we caught Temple Court on the last day of New York Restaurant Week and dined until...well, check out my post on MangoEats for details on that. 

Happy National Pizza Day!


The fact that this story is already THIS long and I haven't finished day/night one should be a sign. Instead of detailing every missed event or fabulous dinner here, stay tuned for more posts to come! Apologies for putting the cart before the horse, but I promise each post will make sense in the end.



Do you practice kindness? I mean, do you practice kindness to anyone outside of your "circle"? Do you let the driver over? Do you help someone with their packages? Do you take the cart back to the STORE? What do you do outside of your inner circle that would be defined as kindness?

Today is a day that someone, somewhere has decided to dedicate as "Random Acts of Kindness" day. I have already decided to actually do more than I would typically do. A smile is an act of kindness no?

I'm guilty of assuming I'm doing the most when I really could be doing more. My idea of kindness? Entertaining someone who has a drastically different opinion than my own. Also my idea of kindness, sharing my food. I do not like to share my food unless it's with VERY specific people. If we've shared food, you've been blessed with my kindness. 


Are you kind to yourself too? Do you take time to just do you? I don't mean the mani/pedi that you get religiously or the 2-3 hours you spend in the hair salon. I mean, the breathers you take in a quiet(?) corners of your home. The moments when you sit down and feel your body relax into the sofa. Those are also moments of self-kindness. You should do them more often. 

Today of all days - be kind to yourself. Be kind to someone else. Those gentle moments are definitely needed now more than ever. 


I'm gonna go be kind to myself and go see "Black Panther". Finally.




Forgive me, I'm working backwards here. I last left you telling of an upcoming (now past) trip to NYC to indulge in NYFW. I was excited to put a check in the box next to the line item on my bucket list. 

I can now say that I am complete. But now I want more. I took away from this trip a renewed focus. Yes. I am pursuing photography full time. Yes, I am diligently creating my own opportunities. Yes...I'm ready to share what I loved most about this trip...

Sisterhood and the bonding that we share, it's something to observe. I was fortunate enough to document two sisters prepare for a NYFW presentation of the fashion featured in Marvel's recently released film "Black Panther". I want you to see the same things I saw, the tiny pieces of an intricate puzzle. The nuanced behavior that reminds you what friendships are for. I saw excitement and joy that was met with the chill and relax that only certain people can display.

I saw melanin in varied shades and hair of different textures, jewels, shoes, flowers and sparkles. I saw an excerpt of a bigger picture.

Here are my Excerpts



NYFW - Bucket List 101

So here it is. I'm becoming regular at this online journaling thing. Not quite up to the daily pace I'd prefer (pray for me), but already a lot more frequent that I've been in years. This one is a fun one because I'm checking off a (tiny) bucket list item I've had for myself since high school. Now my bucket list may not look like yours, and it may not be all that exciting, but to ME; it's all pretty major in one way or another. I've dreamt about some of the things I've checked off and even more about other things I've yet to check off. I've narrowed my list down to 100. Yes, down. As I mark off items on my list, you'll be in tow for the journey...no matter how trivial.  

As a reformed tomboy turned super girly girl, Fashion Week has long been something I've watched from afar in awe. I would watch runway shows on the low, keep up to date on the going ons via the mobile app or pour over "Women's" magazines after the show was over for page-by-page reviews and photos. No one (except one of my best friends) ever knew about my lust for ridiculous fashion design that I would dare not try on, much more buy. I can't explain how or why I'm so infatuated with it all, I just knew that I wanted to "attend" one. 

So here it is February 2018 and while a good chunk of my friends head down to Trinidad for carnival or hunch over their desks in their offices, I am preparing to ATTEND New York Fashion Week. Now lemme clarify: Attend as in, no designer invite, no exclusive backstage access, no models walking that I know, I am going as a street spectator. That didn't come out right, but you get the gist. I along with a few other women will be in NY for a weekend of fancy dinners, outfits that are the definition of extra and even attending a couple of shows that we manage to gain access to. 

I intend to blog along the way to keep you updated. Forgive me in advance if I ramble on about one thing or another, but this is a pretty big deal to me, and I am friggin excited about it!

Stay tuned for the show that this trip is sure to be. And don't worry, I will have cameras in tow!


2018 Accountability

Here it is January 10th and I've already slipped on my first public declaration. I have been promising friends and followers the like that I would post more on MangoEats. My intent to share more DIYs, more recipes, more beautiful food imagery, and even more restaurant reviews has already lapsed. 

This glorious sharing spree was to kick off LAST Friday. LAST week y'all. Go ahead and shake your head, give me the cursory 'girrrrrrrl'. I deserve it. 

The thing about accountability is that it's hard! Hard to accountable to no one but yourself. At this point, that's the only person who probably cares. I know the more I post, the more eyes I'll get (do I really want that though?). The more likely someone is to try a recipe (did I remember all the steps correctly?) and post a pic. The more likely someone is to try a DIY and be amazed at what they did all by themselves (I know I'm always amazed). But here we are. Again.

2018 I *WILL* post more! If it's Mangoisms or MangoEats, or even both (don't count on it though); there will be more from me. 

I haven't decided how I want to share what I'm thinking here on Mangoisms. Usually my thoughts manifest into a journal entry (private) or a picture (visual). If a person already follows me on Instagram would they really care if I post different photos here?

There's only one way to find out...