2018 Accountability

Here it is January 10th and I've already slipped on my first public declaration. I have been promising friends and followers the like that I would post more on MangoEats. My intent to share more DIYs, more recipes, more beautiful food imagery, and even more restaurant reviews has already lapsed. 

This glorious sharing spree was to kick off LAST Friday. LAST week y'all. Go ahead and shake your head, give me the cursory 'girrrrrrrl'. I deserve it. 

The thing about accountability is that it's hard! Hard to accountable to no one but yourself. At this point, that's the only person who probably cares. I know the more I post, the more eyes I'll get (do I really want that though?). The more likely someone is to try a recipe (did I remember all the steps correctly?) and post a pic. The more likely someone is to try a DIY and be amazed at what they did all by themselves (I know I'm always amazed). But here we are. Again.

2018 I *WILL* post more! If it's Mangoisms or MangoEats, or even both (don't count on it though); there will be more from me. 

I haven't decided how I want to share what I'm thinking here on Mangoisms. Usually my thoughts manifest into a journal entry (private) or a picture (visual). If a person already follows me on Instagram would they really care if I post different photos here?

There's only one way to find out...