Long story longer...

So here it is, the beginning of the end of my trip and I'm already bittersweet about it all. What's that joke about making plans and God laughs? Oh yea, God is laughing alright, cackling even. 

Landed in NYC and praying every second on the ground because of my Super Shuttle experience (I lived, that's what important), I was beat. Half a day of travel, ok really a couple of hours, takes it toll on you after a certain age and no sleep. My traveling buddies had already gotten acclimated - meaning they ate and were comfy on the sofa when I arrived and I wasn't sure where to start. 

The intended show for Friday night wasn't one to set the tone for the weekend. Although I'm FULLY in agreement that the "#MeToo" movement is overdue, attending a show focused on a topic so heavy would surely make me pause for thought and reexamine my entire motive for being here. Basically, I would be asking myself about the relevancy of fashion, how models are hyper-sexualized and so forth etc. The topic alone wasn't motivation to skip on seeing a show as our 4th party was delayed on a flight. 

We decide to go skip the show and head to dinner instead and it was an AWESOME idea! FOOD is always a winner! I'd planned every restaurant experience that I wanted to enjoy on this trip, and needless to say, my research did not let me down. Our first stop was a "light" bite at Harlem's very popular Babbalucci's. After a break (food breaks are necessary when traveling), we caught Temple Court on the last day of New York Restaurant Week and dined until...well, check out my post on MangoEats for details on that. 

Happy National Pizza Day!


The fact that this story is already THIS long and I haven't finished day/night one should be a sign. Instead of detailing every missed event or fabulous dinner here, stay tuned for more posts to come! Apologies for putting the cart before the horse, but I promise each post will make sense in the end.