Forgive me, I'm working backwards here. I last left you telling of an upcoming (now past) trip to NYC to indulge in NYFW. I was excited to put a check in the box next to the line item on my bucket list. 

I can now say that I am complete. But now I want more. I took away from this trip a renewed focus. Yes. I am pursuing photography full time. Yes, I am diligently creating my own opportunities. Yes...I'm ready to share what I loved most about this trip...

Sisterhood and the bonding that we share, it's something to observe. I was fortunate enough to document two sisters prepare for a NYFW presentation of the fashion featured in Marvel's recently released film "Black Panther". I want you to see the same things I saw, the tiny pieces of an intricate puzzle. The nuanced behavior that reminds you what friendships are for. I saw excitement and joy that was met with the chill and relax that only certain people can display.

I saw melanin in varied shades and hair of different textures, jewels, shoes, flowers and sparkles. I saw an excerpt of a bigger picture.

Here are my Excerpts