Do you practice kindness? I mean, do you practice kindness to anyone outside of your "circle"? Do you let the driver over? Do you help someone with their packages? Do you take the cart back to the STORE? What do you do outside of your inner circle that would be defined as kindness?

Today is a day that someone, somewhere has decided to dedicate as "Random Acts of Kindness" day. I have already decided to actually do more than I would typically do. A smile is an act of kindness no?

I'm guilty of assuming I'm doing the most when I really could be doing more. My idea of kindness? Entertaining someone who has a drastically different opinion than my own. Also my idea of kindness, sharing my food. I do not like to share my food unless it's with VERY specific people. If we've shared food, you've been blessed with my kindness. 


Are you kind to yourself too? Do you take time to just do you? I don't mean the mani/pedi that you get religiously or the 2-3 hours you spend in the hair salon. I mean, the breathers you take in a quiet(?) corners of your home. The moments when you sit down and feel your body relax into the sofa. Those are also moments of self-kindness. You should do them more often. 

Today of all days - be kind to yourself. Be kind to someone else. Those gentle moments are definitely needed now more than ever. 


I'm gonna go be kind to myself and go see "Black Panther". Finally.