The thing about planting something is that when well taken care of, it will grow. Your yield will depend on what you put in. Literally, reaping what you sow. 

Monday, the 12th was "National Plant a Flower Day". I didn't plant one, but I did take care of myself. I came home after spending some quality time with family friends of mine, and sat down. I didn't take any calls. I didn't respond to any emails. I simply sat down. It was so friggin nice!

Literally finding a bit of time to focus on yourself is golden. It's so simple it should be ritual. It's not though. Not for me anyhow. Having an entire day dedicated to planting anything was enough for me to say "hold up, this is ridiculous! Lemme take a beat." That beat was me sitting down and doing the whole deep breaths thing...it works y'all.

This post isn't much more than me reminding you to take a beat. You are a seed that needs nourishing - CONTINUOUSLY. Nourish ok? Do that.