National Read Across America Day

I was a ferocious reader as a school-aged kid. Devouring young adult book series like nothing before discovering and devouring sci-fi novels (Congo by Michael Crichton was the fuel to my fire). Fast forward to #ThisAdultLife and I barely read my mail. 

It's easy to create excuses about "Oh I barely have time for x, y, or z" and when it came to reading, I was down to averaging about 4 books per YEAR. Y'all. That used to be per WEEK depending on book length. Here I was getting halfway through books I'd started in Winter by late Spring. It was embarrassing. A few years ago I stumbled across Audible and thought "This will save me!".

It didn't.

Well, not until this year. 2018. I have already read 3 books and I want to average at LEAST 4 per month. With Audible and this new full-time gig of mine, it's been HEAVEN. I figured today being National Read Across America Day (it's not new, it's been around since 98) AND Women's History Month that I should share some of my fav women authors and a few of the books I'll be reading for the month of March.


The Last Black Unicorn - Tiffany Haddish

If you saw "Girls Trip" or any press done to promote the movie featuring Tiffany Haddish, then you KNOW this woman is a character! I hadn't laughed that hard in a movie theater in God knows how long and it honestly felt good. When she dropped her autobiography, I just knew this would be a must read for me. As much as I love dark dramas and sci-fi thinkers, I enjoy a good side splitting laugh. I'm SURE this will deliver for me.


"I'm Judging You: The do-better manual" - Luvvie Ajayi

Ok, ok, so this isn't a "new" book, but I can stand tall and say that this is a GOOD book. Again, full of laughs and matter-of-fact truths that make you sit and think - man...I most definitely CAN DO BETTER. Comedian, writer, and tech junkie, Luvvie Ajayi (fellow Naija/Yoruba babe) is a riot! She is controversial without meaning to be and provoking when she has to be. She lives in the uncomfortable spaces that we tend to dance around. Before picking this up, definitely check out her new podcast "Rants and Randomness" or watch her TED Talk for insight into her personality. You'll pick up the book and even it pass it along.  

"Freshwater" - Akwaeke Emezi

Yes. This is yet another Nigerian writer. The quiet creative that comes from Akwaeke's persona makes you immediately curious. You want to know more about her, but you don't want her to know that you want to know. Get it? I am curious to check our her debut novel, a work of fiction centered around the troubling life of a young child. Again...I'm curious. 

So that's what on my list for the month of March (so far!) Do you have any suggestions? What authors or stories should I be checking out? Please share what you are reading with me. Who knows, I may start a book a month reading club...hmmm?