Today in the U.S. is marked as "Equal Pay Day". This day can change each year because it is determined based on the number of days a woman would have to work into the year (from the previous year) to catch up to the male counterpart's salary.

That means a woman would have to work from January 1, 2017 until April 10, 2018 to receive an equal salary to her male counterpart. Four. Entire. Months.

Everyone has heard the numbers on how much a woman makes in comparison to her male counterparts ($.77 to a man's $1.00). But break down the analytics even further and you will find that a woman of color has to work even harder and their salaries are even lower. Yep. Lower.

Equal Pay.jpg

I'm not going to dive into it here, but look around your office and see how many women of color are there. Now think about the company you work for and how much money they are SAVING because there is a likelihood those women aren't being paid fairly. Insane.

I want to highlight a few of the women I have recently captured - all of them holding court in their own arena. There's a really good chance these women could be earning more. Clickthrough to connect and learn more about these phenomenal women of color. They are smart, well educated and definitely experienced in their career fields, but one can only assume they are earning what is fair. 


Dayna B.

Malique P.

Kelly B.


Do you think you have been impacted by unequal pay in the work space? Comment below with your stories and experiences. I'd like to hear from you!