NYFW - Bucket List 101

So here it is. I'm becoming regular at this online journaling thing. Not quite up to the daily pace I'd prefer (pray for me), but already a lot more frequent that I've been in years. This one is a fun one because I'm checking off a (tiny) bucket list item I've had for myself since high school. Now my bucket list may not look like yours, and it may not be all that exciting, but to ME; it's all pretty major in one way or another. I've dreamt about some of the things I've checked off and even more about other things I've yet to check off. I've narrowed my list down to 100. Yes, down. As I mark off items on my list, you'll be in tow for the matter how trivial.  

As a reformed tomboy turned super girly girl, Fashion Week has long been something I've watched from afar in awe. I would watch runway shows on the low, keep up to date on the going ons via the mobile app or pour over "Women's" magazines after the show was over for page-by-page reviews and photos. No one (except one of my best friends) ever knew about my lust for ridiculous fashion design that I would dare not try on, much more buy. I can't explain how or why I'm so infatuated with it all, I just knew that I wanted to "attend" one. 

So here it is February 2018 and while a good chunk of my friends head down to Trinidad for carnival or hunch over their desks in their offices, I am preparing to ATTEND New York Fashion Week. Now lemme clarify: Attend as in, no designer invite, no exclusive backstage access, no models walking that I know, I am going as a street spectator. That didn't come out right, but you get the gist. I along with a few other women will be in NY for a weekend of fancy dinners, outfits that are the definition of extra and even attending a couple of shows that we manage to gain access to. 

I intend to blog along the way to keep you updated. Forgive me in advance if I ramble on about one thing or another, but this is a pretty big deal to me, and I am friggin excited about it!

Stay tuned for the show that this trip is sure to be. And don't worry, I will have cameras in tow!